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By Jeff K / June 3, 2019

Email marketing helps you attract and bring in the right type of customers.  It connects you to people who are already interested in what you may have to offer.  Creating a list is a vital part of running a successful business.

Your email list is a traffic source you have control over.  You can reach out to them at will and make offers and get sales.  It’s like a money switch you can turn on whenever you want to.

The power of email marketing should not be ignored.  Email marketing may not be as glamorous or exciting as other methods of reaching out but it is reliable and consistent at bringing solid ROI.  Understand that it is your own private distribution channel. That’s powerful stuff.

Email Marketing Best Practices

The goal of marketing isn’t just to make a sale. The ultimate goal is to establish trust. People will not buy form someone they don’t trust.

If you have an email list, and if you don’t you should begin building one immediately, the subscriber needs to trust you. Building trust will convince others to take your advice and follow your judgment before they spend their money.

Do not let desperation cloud your judgment.  As an affiliate marketer hyping up a product to the point where it is not believable is an easy trap to fall into. If you do this, your prospects will pick up on it and you will lose all credibility.

online shopping

Many times, marketers in the make money online (MMO) niche have one goal… sell, sell, sell. Emails are sent out daily, or multiple times per day without a thought of the quality of the product. Most of the products in this niche are poor quality and seldom deliver on their promises.

Once your subscribers have been burned once, very often a huge chunk of them become weary and shy away from trusting you. They’ll be much less likely to buy what you promote. You’ve lost all credibility… and the root cause of this is greed. This is the biggest pitfall for so many marketers.

Bombarding your audience with offers to make as much ‘easy money’ as possible is a very short-term strategy.

Once you lose the trust of the subscribers on your list, they get jaded fast and just stop buying. So, the list becomes useless because it stops generating money. The only way to keep getting sales is to keep adding new leads on your list.

Be Selective

By selectively promoting good offers and providing a balance of value and offers you will retain the trust of your list. If your approach is only to sell, you’ll turn off the subscriber. If you take the slow and steady approach, the lifetime value of your customer will increase considerably.

Your list will have a high retention rate, and when you promote something, people will believe you and respond in a positive way. Industry statistics show that it’s 7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one.

So, be sensible and treat your list like people instead of numbers. People join lists or visit sites to get information and value. If you can provide that while promoting products, you will get the sales and win the hearts of your audience

Email Marketing Automation

An email autoresponder is a service that sends out emails on your behalf that you have created ahead of time to start a relationship with your email list.  It is said that beginners make their money on the front end while experts make their money on the back end.

The whole point of getting people to your lead magnet, or opt in page is to collect their email address.  The main goal is to sell enough product on the front end to support the acquisition of the member of the list.

How to Sell Online

Say you pay $100 weekly on advertising to acquire people to join your list. Your only goal here is to sell enough of your initial offer to make your $100 back.  If you do that, you can grow your list rapidly, by scaling up. Any money you make on the front end should be put back in to your advertising to gain more prospects on your list.

Selling online stats

If you can achieve this sort of balance, you can grow your business fairly quickly.  The key is in establishing the relationship with your email list. This is the key to your success.

The first thing to do is to choose a platform for your email auto responder.  This allows you to send out emails to hundreds, or thousands of people at the same time. The initial sequence of emails over a specific set time period is triggered as soon as someone opts in and signs up.

Once your auto responder is in place everything is automated for your list for as long as you want your initial sequence to go on.  I can’t stress enough that the whole point of the initial emails is to establish a relationship and build trust with your list.

Setting up your initial sequence be sure to have time between emails.  I first started my sequence sending an email daily. This can drive people away and make people unsubscribe from your list.

Build Trust With Your Email List

Your email list is a vital part of your survival as a business and the important thing is to keep the people that join happy.  You can keep people from unsubscribing by giving them tons of value. Don’t always have something to sell.

trust building within business

Especially in the beginning. Trust building should be the focus of your initial email marketing sequence. After you have built a relationship through the initial sequence, then offers and sales can be implemented.

Remember, on the other end of that email is a person, not just a number on your list. Keep that in mind when you are creating your emails. People love getting interesting, funny, helpful things in their mailbox.  As long as that is what you give them, they will be more receptive to your offers.

If you keep your list happy, they will continue to buy from you and can be taken further up the value ladder. Having two value emails in a campaign, followed by a pitch email is a good rule of thumb.

A value email is anything that can help your prospects in the given niche. For example, if you are in the camping and outdoor niche, then perhaps information on how to survive a bear attack, another would be tips on keeping raccoons out of your food rations, things like that.

Our Email Platform of Choice – Aweber

aweber logo

In this article I am going to use the Aweber platform for all our emailing needs.  It’s the platform I use and am familiar with. There are lots of different platforms to choose from but Aweber gives us the best bang for the buck.

Not only is it easy to use, but it is also very reliable as far as delivery goes in our experience.  According to Aweber will integrate easily with just about any platform you are using such as WordPress or Click Funnels.

Integration with other platforms such as Click Funnels is more straight forward.

Setting up Your Auto Responder in Aweber

Your auto respond sequence is set up once you have created a list.  This sends out emails on your behalf to your list at any interval you choose. Remember, don’t just send out pitches, add value and make the people on your list WANT to open your emails.

Ok, now the basics out of the way now let’s talk about tags.  Think of your email list a someone reading a choose your own adventure book. They can be moved from one idea to the next based on their interest. This is accomplished with the use of tags.  For instance, once someone signs up for my opt in form they receive a series of introductory emails. At the end of that sequence they are given a tag to identify that they have completed the introduction.

cardboard tags

By using a tag, I can broadcast to the portion of my list that has completed the initial sequence without emailing the portion that is still going through it.

Other aspects of a prospect can be identified with tags.  You can identify where that person signed up from like Facebook instead of your website.  If you have opt-ins at different locations, you will want to identify where the list is coming from.  You can set it up with tags, or by having separate lists for every opt-in variable.


Whether you are just starting to get your business off the ground, or have an established brand the importance of email marketing cannot be overlooked. It is a vital part of any business.

If you are looking for additional training and would like to know more about getting started with email marketing, hubspot academy has a free training course you may find useful.

If you have found any of this helpful please leave a comment below. I would love to hear if you have any other tips or tactics that others may find helpful.

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